Volunteer Descriptions

We are looking to add to our group of volunteers by actively recruiting individuals who want to contribute to the organization in an official capacity. Reviewing the below descriptions to see what we are specifically looking for.

Candidates who fit these descriptions and have the desire to take on a responsible role in the organization are highly encouraged to apply.

You can also apply as a general volunteer, we look forward to hearing about your unique thoughts on contributing. 

Fill out the form to the right and we'll be in contact!



Events Volunteer

  • Planning, organizing, and executing events
  • Being the point of contact between the BETF, venues, sponsors, events participants and event attendees
  • Effectively communicate and manage event details with sponsors (food sponsors and venue sponsors)
  • Effectively communicate with event attendees via meetup
  • Collaborate in team brainstorming activities to come up with new event topics and ideas as well as identifying potential participants
  • Have a passion for the Education and Technology industry
  • Be willing to connect with new people
  • Availability to join weekly events meetings and bi-weekly BETF meetings



Marketing Volunteer

  • Working collaboratively to support the BETF mission.
  • Virtually attending organizational meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Writing, proofreading and managing organization copy.
  • Updating and maintaining  the website utilizing HubSpot
  • Publishing events and community messages on Meetup.com.
  • Developing and distributing surveys to obtain actionable information.
  • Documenting and recording qualitative and quantitative data at events.
  • Defining and managing marketing campaigns using social media, email, and Meetup.
  • Analyzing community data for the purpose of discovering new opportunities.



Sponsorship Volunteer

  • Work with sponsorship team to identify companies with potential.
  • Perform direct communications with each company assigned.
  • Deliver sponsorship deck to target company and key staff.
  • Close sponsorship deals.
  • Participate with scheduled calls with sponsorship team as needed.
  • Collaborate with Sponsorship Team to apply for and secure grants